1st length goal acheived!

Ok so my attempt so start blogging again didn’t go as planned, I don’t even have a decent excuse tbh I just haven’t felt like writing anything longer than a facebook update for a very long time.

However I hit one of my hair goals some time ago so I might as well record the numbers somewhere, at least that way I can keep track of what I do and what turns out to be successful and what doesn’t suit me.

I started keeping track of my hair length on the 8th of january 2011 when I’d lurked at longhaircommunity.com for a while and got interested in the options for long hair care that it offered. At the time I was at 53,3 cm (21 inches) and my aim was to try to hit BSL which for me is at 67,5 cm (26,4 inches). At the time I remember that it felt daunting. 14,2 cm until I hit my goal, it felt like it would take all eternity. Especially since I’m not exactly a fan of fairytale ends on babyfine, stick straight hair. AsĀ  “finey” I’ve always envied other peoples thick hemlines and I don’t even care to count the number of times various hairdressers have talked me into cutting layers in order to produce volume to my hair. Well people, let me tell you this. Cutting layers into thin, fine hair does not create volume. It does however create stringy ends that look extremely sad and worn, especially when the hair is also highlighted… So not only did I know that I would have to grow for a long time, I also had layers that needed to be evened out if I ever wanted my hemline to look healthy.

But guess what?

on the 14th of may 2012 I measured in at 68 cm! BSL! Not only did I reach my first hair goal, I actually overshot it! And I was still been able to microtrim every now and then order to even out those layers I’m moaning about above.

Ok so admittedly hair grows like crazy when you’re pregnant, but still. Growing 14,7 cm in approximately 16 months means growing 0,9 cm/month, even while trimming! That should make my new growing goal a piece of cake!

Continue to grow?

Yes of course I have a new goal (Hello childhood dreams of long princesshair), next stop is waist which I hope to hit sometime next year and after that hip and then on to tailbone. I think it’s not nearly going to go as fast to hit my next goal, not only because I’ll be lacking the extra growth rate that pregnancy gives you but also because the old wear and tear of my Pre-LHC hair is starting to show (not to mention that post partum-shed reduced my fabulous pregnancy hair to its old thin self). It’s not terribly bad but there are more splits than I’ve encountered earlier of which a fair share are white “spots” on the shaft of the hair and the ends get horribly dry and crave moisture but hates protein even though the rest of my hair loves both protein and moisture which makes for a weird combination imo. Anyway I’m thinking I’ll maintain for a while until I notice that my ends are healthy enough for me to start growing again.

Huh, that’s weird.

I’ve been thinking about that decision for a while now and I haven’t been able to make up my mind about whether to S&D my way to waist and then maintain, or maintain where I am but I guess all I needed to do in order to decide was to try and explain my thoughts to someone else (not that I believe anyone have actually read this far about my hair of all things but still).