Homecooking experiments

So I’ve gotten a new hobby, or should I say obsession? Since I have such a hard time locating haircare supplies that cater to my quite specific needs I’ve quite simply taken to cooking up my own.

A couple of nights ago I tried a concoction of the stuff I usually use straight (coconut, aloe, wheat germ oil and glucose) but this time I attempted to cook them into a emulgated hair cream. The process was quite simple really and the result turned out beautifully even though I lacked some of the ingredients to make it into a properly emulgated and preserved cream so it became a gel instead . My hair turned out well moisturized after I CO’d it out with some tresseme naturals and both ends and lenght were happy – yay!

So being the easily obsessed person I am I’m now looking further into the topic examining how to turn the deep treatment I made into a lighter leave-in product and perhaps even creating a CO friendly conditioner.  I just have to get some more ingredients in order to create a cream rather than the gel my first experiment resulted in.

I’m also curious about trying the caramel treatment which many of the finehaired longhair growers seem to swear by, however I’m not crazy about the idea of putting bananin it so I’m pondering whether it could be substituted for something else that has the same conditioning qualitites. When I look it up it seems that bananas consists mostly of sugar, vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and potassium all of which could easily be added to a conditioning cream without adding the actual banana… hmm…